JavaScript for Modern Web Design

javascript code example

JavaScript Introduction There is a wide variety of programming languages to utilize when creating websites and other digital spaces. There is HTML, which is a markup language used to define the web content and create structures like headings, paragraphs, embedded images, videos and data tables. CSS is another language that is used to stylize the structures set by HTML. This is expressed through content layout, colors and fonts. To create truly versatile and amazing content, developers and designers add JavaScript to the process. After using the other two languages to set down a solid base, JavaScript is a language that …

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Why You Should Minify JavaScript

Example of minified javascript

Easy to follow rules to guide you in achieving enterprise performance from your website They’re a myriad of reasons to compress your Javascript, according to Yahoo!, purveyor of some of the highest trafficked websites on the internet knows a thing or two about optimizing websites for peak performance. Among many other things website optimization tips such as reducing HTTP requests, adding expires headers, using Gzip, proper JavaScript page placement, omitting duplicate JS scripts and configuring ETags – Minifying JavaScript is listed as one of the most impact performance enhancements you can make. Read more on Yahoo!’s Rules for High Performance …

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View Javascript Page Load Times With Firebug and ySlow

speedometer showing loading speed

Incredible Firefox extensions for web developers Firebug and ySlow are (in our opinion) the two most helpful tools (of all time) created to help web developers. If you don’t already have these Firefox extensions installed – download them now! ySlow especially gives you great insight into how your Javascript code loads, in what order the Javascript loads and how long the Javascript takes to load. You will immediately see that Javascript more often than not accounts for 70+ percent of the total KB downloaded by a web browser to render a webpage. Minimize this code NOW and be amazed on …

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Compressed JavaScript = Faster Website

faster website

Faster loading pages make your users happy… and your wallet loves less bandwidth usage! It should come as no surprise that the smaller the KB size of a webpage and its scripts – the faster the page loads. But a faster loading webpage isn’t the only benefit you will get after you minimize your JavaScript, you can also expect: a better end user experience, less demand on your web server(s), a considerably lower bandwidth bill and numerous other positive advantages that we could write about for hours. There is no reason we can give on why JS minifying is not …

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