Javascript Obfuscator Tools

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Compresses JS code in real-time via PHP scripts on your web server If you are a power user that constantly is changing your Javascript code it can become a hassle to repeatedly compress your JavaScript manually. In these circumstances a real-time Javascript compressor is the best solution. Real-time compressors run actively on your web server and will compress and cache your Javascript based on pre-programmed configuration. These on-demand Javascript Minifiers (usually written in PHP) take ALL your page requested JS script(s) and compress it into a single Minified JS script that is then “served” to the end user’s web browser. …

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How to Minify Javascript

minified js

Simple – to compress the code so it loads faster JSMin (The most popular JavaScript compression tool) is a filter which removes comments and unnecessary whitespace from JavaScript files. In most instances it reduces file size by 50%, resulting in faster page load times and less bandwidth usage. JavaScript minifying is a filter that excludes or modifies some characters in your code. Other javascript compressors will “pack” the code. These are commonly referred to as Packers. This does not change the behavior/functionality of the program/script that it is minifying. The compressed code may be harder to debug because it is …

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Javascript Compression Tools

javascript compression tools

Online tools to compress your JS code ad-hoc The Minify Javascript tools listed to the right give any users easy one click Javascript minifying. Simply copy and paste your code into the online Javascript compression tool form box, click submit, and seconds later you will have the same fully functioning JavaScript code… Just reduced in size by about 60% compared to the original. These tools are a great option for users that don’t frequently change their Javascript code and thus don’t have to worry about debugging the minimized Javascript source code. For users that are constantly changing their Javascript code, …

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